Why Madison Chemical

Family owned and operated since 1947, when you work with us you are more than a customer, you are family.

Madison Chemical understands the challenges and unique approach it takes to maintain the total hygiene of your paper machine. For over 30 years Madison Chemical Company has been providing outstanding customer service and cost-effective products to help keep your machine clean and running between scheduled shutdowns.  Our product line helps clean your paper machine from the wet end to the dryers.  These include both caustic and acid offerings for wet end boil outs and foaming products for the framework.  We have also developed specialty products to meet your needs, such as enzymes for use at lower temperatures to increase worker safety.  Our team is committed to helping you achieve the results you desire.  As each machine is different, we always customize a program for your needs.

What Our Customers are Saying

“We have been using Madison Chemical in the Kingsport mill since 2002. This company has always supported us very well in anything that we need. We typically have an outage every 6 weeks at which time we do multiple boil outs on our machine. We typically do acid boil outs but have used Madison’s enzyme and caustic products with great success. Bud Campbell is our Madison representative and works very closely with us on a weekly if not daily basis. Having good products and a great representative has been the longevity of Madison Chemical being in the Kingsport mill.”

—Satisfied Customer

“I can best describe my 25-year relationship with Madison Chemical as a partnership!  Madison Chemical has been committed to providing us with the necessary products and services to support our needs.”

—Paper Machine Assistant Superintendent

Proud to Serve You

“Our team of industry experts will work to achieve the right program and hygiene process that protects your bottom line, providing efficient and cost-effective programs that work. Madison Chemical will devise the right solution for any problems, even if it means altering an established product or developing a new method.

At Madison Chemical we take a hands-on approach to providing the service you expect that includes our team of industry experts, technical representatives, and chemists, with the best hygiene practices in mind. We don’t just supply the right products for your cleaning needs, we share our knowledge in Total Machine Hygiene to provide innovative solutions and effectively accomplish the job. Our service is one that you can depend and rely on. As your partner, your success is our success and it is our privilege to serve you.”

–Lyle “Bud” Campbell, Paper Division Manager