Why Madison Chemical

Family owned and operated since 1947, when you work with us you are more than a customer, you are family.

Madison Chemical understands the challenges our pre-treatment partners face in order to manufacture and provide their customers with the highest quality parts..  At Madison Chemical, our team of industry experts, technical representatives, and chemists, work hand in hand with our partners to develop the products and systems that are required in the highly competitive metal finishing industry. We have developed products to fulfill industry needs, such as corrosion resistance, non-phosphate products, and energy savings.  Our team is always available to provide expert technical advice with over 70 years experience in the Metal Finishing Industry. Through our line of products and technical expertise in the field, Madison Chemical is committed to partnering with you in your success as a company.

What Our Customers are Saying

“Midstate Mfg. has been doing business with Madison Chemical since 1996 and it has been a great partnership.  There have been other companies come along during all these years but no one can provide the quality of product, support, price nor knowledge that Madison Chemical provides to us.  There Representative is at Midstate every week to check chemical in tanks, product coming out of our 5 stage wash system, also making sure the parts are being treated as they should for good powder adhesion.

There have been many special projects that we get involved in that may need a different chemical than we use and all we have to do is make a phone call to get answers or Richard Kammer our rep. is in here helping us come up with a solution. Madison Chemical is not just a supplier to us but a part of our team.

There may be a cheaper product on the market, but you will never get the quality nor support from them than what you get from Madison Chemical.”

—Allen Pickrel, Midstate Mfg.


Our team of chemists utilize the latest in surfactant technology to develop products that provide a pre-treated surface capable of producing the highest quality finish at low operating temperatures. The low operating temperatures allow for lower energy costs and reduced chemical usage in your pre-treatment systems.

Madison Chemical has formulated multiple products that will allow you to eliminate phosphorous from your pre-treatment system. Our line includes products for use in standard pre-treatment systems as well as dry in place applications. When compared to traditional iron phosphate the non-phosphate coatings provide equal or superior corrosion resistance while reducing the environmental footprint of your facility.

Madison Chemical has developed high quality, efficient products for pre-treatment through spray wand applications. These products provide the robust cleaning and conversion coating that is required to produce high-quality finishes in both rinse and no rinse applications. Our team has also worked with our partners to develop application techniques to reduce water and chemical usage.

Great for you

Our team of experienced engineers and technical representatives will work with you to deliver your pre-treatment chemicals to your wash process in the most efficient way possible. We routinely utilize pH and conductivity analyzers to ensure your pre-treatment solutions operate in the optimum range for producing the highest quality finishes. By utilizing the monitoring equipment we are also able to prevent the overuse of pre-treatment chemicals and allow you to keep your costs as low as possible.