Madison Chemical strives to be the best partner we can be in our industry. As part of that partnership, we long-standing relationships established with several equipment manufacturers to ensure that can offer our customers a competitive link to the equipment that they need. Ask your local Madison Chemical representative to help you find a solution to your equipment problem. Below, you should find examples of some of those common solutions.

Agilifts work by immersing dirty parts into a tank filled with the diluted chemical. These differ from soak tanks because the parts are lowered in an out of the tank which creates agitation.

Rotary washers are another common parts washer used in engine re-manufacturing. Parts are put into a washer on a platform that will spin around in circles. These parts that are spinning are simultaneously hit with diluted chemical coming out of spray nozzles from all different directions.

Ultrasonics are typically the most effective. These use immersion just like agilifts. They are more effective though because ultrasonic sound waves are sent into the tank which produces thousands of combustion reactions to occur on a molecular level, and this ultimately enhances the cleaning process.