• LAP-FAST 1000 SERIES (SDS) Highly concentrated, water-based abrasive slurries.  These products are stable and offer a uniform suspension of abrasive particles to assure consistent lapping rates.
  • LAP-FAST 2000 SERIES (SDS) Highly concentrated, oil-based abrasive slurries.  These products are stable and offer a uniform suspension of abrasive particles to assure consistent lapping rates.
  • GEAR-LAP 4000 SERIES (SDS) Stable, highly concentrated slurries for gear lapping.
  • CUSTOM SERIES Products formulated for lapping include: piston rings, bearings, valves, meters, carbon and graphite, testing equipment, blades, optical, surgical, aircraft parts and hydraulics.


  • BORON CARBIDE An extremely hard abrasive usually recommended for roughing through pre-finishing of harder materials like heat-treated alloys, ceramics, carbides, etc. It is desired because it is harder than silicon carbide and costs less than diamonds.
  • DIAMOND Because it’s the hardest abrasive, it is the only lapping option for some extremely hard materials. Although it is costly, it can be the most economical choice if production time and cost are taken into account. Madison has a complete line of diamond compounds and will formulate the best option for your needs or special applications.
  • OPT ALUMINUM OXIDE A pure, uniform, fused aluminum oxide of the standard “blocky, heavy, angular” crystal structure; this is used in optical polishing operations.
  • SILICON CARBIDE A fused, hard crystalline abrasive that is fast cutting with good crystal breakdown when used to lap either high or low tensile strength material. It is well suited for rough-lapping operations, forged or hardened gears, valves, tool room work and general maintenance where polish is not essential. With Silicon Carbide, all lapped material will have a frosty or gray finish
  • SPC ALUMINUM OXIDE A pure and uniform abrasive. SPC abrasive crystals have a unique plate shape allowing the particles to orient themselves parallel to the lapping surfaces. This results in particles highly resistant to fracture and produces a superior surface finish.


  • COMPOUND SS-5000 (SDS) Water-based vehicle that addresses the issue of “dry” tables and difficult to clean parts. Safe on all metals when used as directed.
  • LAPPING VEHICLE 100 (SDS) High flashpoint (240-275°F), excellent oil-based vehicle for oil-based lapping.
  • LAPPING VEHICLE 100 EG (SDS) High flashpoint (220-275°), economical oil-based vehicle for oil-based lapping.
  • LV-200 (SDS) Oil-based vehicle where increased lubricity and viscosity are needed for oil-based lapping.  Flashpoint is greater than 300°F.
  • SYNLUBE 72-G (SDS) Water-based lapping vehicle providing excellent lubricity and rust protection.  It is non-foaming and has superior wetting and cooling properties.  Safe on all metals when used as directed.
  • SYNLUBE 115 (SDS) Water-based synthetic vehicle with built-in corrosion protection is nonfoaming and offers a high degree of lubricity with excellent wetting and cooling properties. Safe on all metals when used as directed.


  • CLEAN-GARD 83 (SDS) Liquid, cutting edge, alkaline detergent for difficult cleaning operations including the removal of aged, oxidized, burned-on oil and grease and lapping compounds.  May be used by immersion and ultrasonic application as well as recirculated spray washers up to 25 psi.  Provides rust protection when not rinsed.
  • DART 312 (SDS) Economical liquid alkaline cleaner for recirculated spray washers. For use on ferrous, aluminum and zinc alloys.
  • DART 371-RP (SDS) A liquid alkaline cleaner for outstanding cleaning and rust protection on ferrous, copper and aluminum alloys.
  • LAP CLEAN 408-1 (SDS) A very low alkaline cleaner with excellent results when used in ultrasonic or immersion applications. The low alkalinity of LAP CLEAN 408-1 is safe for manual use and low -pressure non-recirculating spray.
  • MADISON GREEN (SDS) An extremely effective, mildly alkaline cleaner.  Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.


  • COMPOUND RP-93 (SDS) Volatile, liquid rust preventive for ferrous metals. Prevents corrosion during and after the drying operation.
  • COMPOUND RP-111 (SDS) Liquid, non-nitrite rust preventive for ferrous and cuprous metals. Effective at low use concentrations.