Snack Food

Why Madison Chemical

Family owned and operated since 1947, when you work with us you are more than a customer, you are family.

Madison Chemical understands the challenges and unique approach it takes to maintain the “highest quality, greatest tasting products” your customers have come to expect.  At Madison Chemical, our team of industry experts, technical representatives, and chemists take a hands-on approach to providing the service you expect with the best sanitation practices in mind. We have developed products to fulfill industry needs, such as removing burnt on organic soils and hard to remove inorganic films, giving you a satisfactory finished product. Our team is always available to provide expert technical advice with over 30 years experience in the Snack Food Industry. Through our line of products and technical expertise in the field, Madison Chemical is committed to partnering with you in your success as a company.

What Our Customers are Saying

“As our business is growing, we realized that we need to dramatically improve the efficiency of our sanitation process to optimize our asset utilization.  When approached, Madison Chemical offered to bring a team of industry experts to support the efforts.  After several nights of analyzing our process, we came up with improvements that have reduced the time we use for sanitation by 40%. This time savings has provided more time for us to run our production process needed to support our business growth.  Additionally, our local Representative has come in on nights and weekends to make sure that we have the strong technical support available as we implemented our improvements.  Madison Chemical really went beyond being just a sanitation chemical supplier and has become a very strong partner for our facility.” 

—Mitch Kahn,  Terra Chips


At Madison chemical, we have trained field techs that specialize in the cleaning of a CIP system. These hard to clean, hard to see areas are a very important aspect of your business. Madison chemical offers a line of products to not only clean and sanitize CIP systems but to help improve the quality of your system with CIP Flow checks and verification. Let Madison chemical help to improve your company’s standards.

Fryers can get dirty and build a large amount of burnt on soils. We have seen that the heavy soil buildup can prevent the quality of your fryers’ performance. At Madison Chemical we have worked with many companies to formulate top of the line Boil Out products to eliminate this heavy soil build up. Let us help you continue to fry a quality product.

Ovens are known to build heavy burnt on soils. At Madison Chemical, we know the importance of keeping these type of applications as clean as possible due to the quality of your product. Madison chemical offers a line of chemistry for heavy duty foaming applications to prevent the buildup in these ovens. Ask one of our many professional field technicians how we can continue to help grow your business.

Great for you

As an industry leader in cleaning and sanitation chemicals for Snack Food, Madison Chemical’s team of food safety professionals is prepared to work with you to establish a complete program, focused on balanced costs, product performance and regulatory compliance. In today’s world, you don’t just need a chemical vendor… you need a partner. Let our team bring you the value that you deserve.