Frozen Foods

Why Madison Chemical

Family owned and operated since 1947, when you work with us you are more than a customer, you are family.

For more than half a century, Madison Chemical has provided frozen food processors with outstanding service, sanitation procedures, and products. With recent concerns over pathogens and other tenacious bio-organisms entering the food chain, it is more important than ever to keep plants clean and food safe. Using the newest technologies, Madison Chemical is able to identify potential and actual “hot spots” or “hidden” sources of growth (biofilms) – all in real time. Once detected, the removal and sanitation incorporate more than just “intensified cleaning” tactics. We bring a complete protocol that is proven to work.

What Our Customers are Saying

“Madison customer service is fantastic, and I would highly recommend this company. Our representative is always on time and provides us with help at any time of the day. He is quick, neat, and dedicated to his job. All the work was done correctly, and I am always asked if there is anything else we could be helped with. The chemicals work as advertised and are competitively priced. As a bonus, Madison has detailed training that is given to all incoming sanitation workers to explain how to use a product and what to expect out of it. Overall, I am very happy to be working with Madison for our chemical needs.”

—Britt Schulz-Rhodes, Ajinomoto Foods

Freezing previously cooked food requires a cleaning and sanitation program which deals with difficult to remove scales, starches and fats.  Proper removal of all three from fryers, cookers, steamer, and their belts are critical to maintaining efficient cook times in production operations.  This takes a total program with unique, specific products to maintain clean and film-free surfaces.  Madison Chemical is committed to partnering with you on that daily challenge.

Some freezers are all stainless; some contain aluminum.  They require completely different products to remove the continuous loading of food residues.  Additionally, a specific belt cleaning regimen is vital to keeping unintended residues from depositing on the food during the freezing operation. This is especially true of new stainless belts.  Madison Chemical designs products made especially for freezer and belt cleaning applications, with the added benefit and ability to formulate to meet your specific needs.

Great for you

New and innovative product development has allowed our customers to quickly and easily remove stubborn residues such as starch-calcium matrices from steamers, oxylate scales from blanchers and cutting equipment, and hardened char on fryer pipes.  This saves money while increasing efficiency.

At Madison Chemical our service goes above and beyond.  Our team of industry experts provides not only a sanitation program that works for you, but also services essential to your sanitation success, including inventory checks, templates for MSS, review of JIs, sSOPs, pre-audit help, and more.