Why Madison Chemical

Family owned and operated since 1947, when you work with us you are more than a customer, you are family.

At Madison Chemical, we understand that the dairy industry is unlike the rest of the food and beverage manufacturers due to the numerous high-risk products that are being produced.  Madison Chemical recognizes the challenges and unique approach it takes to maintain the “highest quality, greatest tasting products” your customers have come to expect.  Through our DairyClean™ line of products and technical expertise in the field, Madison Chemical is committed to partnering with you in your success as a company.  Our products have been designed specifically for the dairy industry to enhance finished product quality and sustain or increase shelf life by providing a complete line of cleaners and sanitizers, with expert technical advice and support always available from some of the best in the industry.

What Our Customers are Saying

“This serves to inform that we are very pleased with Madison’s customer service and effectiveness of chemicals used.  Finished product and environmental results have shown great improvements over competitors used in the past.” 

—Fausto Azevedo, Valentini


“Since the beginning of our relationship with Madison Chemical, we have realized substantial savings and find the products superior to any we have used before. Thank you Madison Chemical!”            

—Thomas D. Jackson, The Ice Cream Club®, Inc.



Due to the sensitive nature and shortened shelf lives of the products manufactured by the dairy industry, a quality sanitation program is critical. Since a large piece of that sanitation program revolves around equipment designed to be cleaned in place, you need a chemical partner with the right solutions. Whether you are battling high-fat contents, milkstone or burnt on soil in the heat exchanger, we have specially formulated products to meet your challenges.

With the new FSMA requirements and the multiple GFSI schemes that companies are being held to, Environmental Monitoring has become a key aspect of food safety and finished product quality.  Madison Chemical representatives understand the importance of Environmental Monitoring and are trained in standard management schemes (BRC, SQF, etc.). Our team will work with you to ensure you’re meeting your food safety KPI’s.  Reach out today and find out how Madison Chemical can help strengthen your program.

Madison Chemical is prepared to work closely with your quality department to help achieve your goals. When concerns arise, our team will act quickly to assist in the investigation and response phase. Finding and eliminating the root cause of poor-quality results are the keys to improving product shelf life, taste, and brand name recognition.

Great for you

Madison Chemical works closely with our partners in the dairy industry to help maximize efficiencies and minimize product loss, while always striving to find new ways to improve and/or sustain maximum shelf stability. Our quality products and technical support will help your team establish and maintain a robust sanitation program, which will become the foundation for everything else that you do.