Madison Chemical strives to be the best partner we can be in our industry. As part of that partnership, we long-standing relationships established with several equipment manufacturers to ensure that can offer our customers a competitive link to the equipment that they need. Ask your local Madison Chemical representative to help you find a solution to your equipment problem. Below, you should find examples of some of those common solutions.

Quick versatility and mobility for each job.  Allows chemicals to be delivered to boil out injection points.

Piston style pump designed to inject chemical into a line under high pressure.

This pump is used specifically for the product SOAR GEL.  The Gel Machine is used to apply in the machine cleaning application, where the piston pump allows SOAR GEL to be projected to thoroughly clean machines.

Madison Chemical can provide our paper customers with stationary wall mounted foaming stations. These foaming stations will require air, water, and a chemical delivery system. The chemical delivery system consists of a chemical make down proportioner that will mix our full strength chemical, with water, into a smaller container. Once the chemical is mixed, it is pumped with an air diaphragm pump to our foaming station and injected into the foaming line. The combination of air and high quality surfactants in Madison Chemical’s products in the discharge hose creates a thick, lasting foam providing the proper contact time needed to thoroughly clean a wide variety of surfaces. Madison Chemical offers our TOTAL MACHINE HYGIENE product line, that is specific to the paper industry. Some of the less hazardous products, such as MACHINE-GARD 445 AA or ProClean® DEGREASER, are used to clean the machine frames, felt clothing, oil and grease left behind from maintenance repairs, and starch build up, just to name a few. Madison Chemical also offers products such as Soar HF, and MACHINE-GARD 300X that are equipped with Acids for the removal of oxides, scale, and other inorganic soils. Our Caustic products like MACHINE-GARD 230W, and MACHINE-GARD P-350 LF are used for removal of soils such as paper stock, slime, pitch, and resins.