Madison Chemical strives to be the best partner we can be in our industry. As part of that partnership, we long-standing relationships established with several equipment manufacturers to ensure that can offer our customers a competitive link to the equipment that they need. Ask your local Madison Chemical representative to help you find a solution to your equipment problem. Below, you should find examples of some of those common solutions.

Innovative Cleaning – Foam It Model FI-20N: This is a 20-gallon portable foam unit, meaning it holds 20 gallons of diluted cleaning solution. A normal shop type air hose with female air chuck will be required to supply with compressed air. Air will pressurize the pump and foaming hose. The benefit of a portable unit is you are not limited to the reach of the hose from your wall mounted unit. As long as you can move freely with your air hose, you have mobility on your side. Once you are done cleaning, you can roll up the foam and air hoses and put everything away. This is nice for customers that want to limit chemicals and equipment that are out during the production day.

Foam-iT – Click here for more information