Job Description

Position Summary:

Provide laboratory support for sales and service staff, production, and customers through development and recommendation of products, analysis of solutions, and advice on federal, state, and local regulations.

Reports to:

Chemists report directly to Technical Director.


  1. Recommend products for use at present or prospective customer’s facility.
  2. Formulate new products to meet specific customers and sales staff needs.
  3. Analyze solutions from customers’ facilities to assure chemical system is at top quality.
  4. Perform quality tests on customers’ finished products to assure that, through our products, the customer maintains top quality.
  5. Answer questions a customer or members of sales staff or production team may have regarding product concerns or chemistry in general.
  6. Determine components of a variety of chemical systems.
  7. Rationalize information regarding projects, working as a liaison between sales representatives and company.
  8. Research new products and adjust/alter existing products to enhance performance.
  9. Investigate customer problems, identify cause and propose corrective measures.
  10. Provide technical support for production of products.
  11. Cover all product support technician responsibilities as needed.
  12. Review all new and renewed raw materials SDS’s and notify Safety, Health and Environmental Manager and Production of new safety and/or environmental hazards. Train Production on new materials.
  13. Prepare/revise product SDS’s and labels.


  1. Determine USDA product compliance and appropriate category.
  2. Perform special quality control tests on products destined for customers with special requirements.
  3. Alter formulations to provide higher quality finished goods from production.
  4. Assist customers in the initial start and routine maintenance of their use solutions of our products.
  5. Assist Quality Control personnel.
  6. Prepare product samples for sales representatives.
  7. Travel with sales representatives to accounts in order to represent laboratory personnel in the field.
  8. Provide microscopic studies and prepare photographs.
  9. Ensure compliance with Kosher/Passover product issues.


Each employee has the organizational freedom and authority to initiate action to prevent the occurrence of any nonconformities relating to the product, process and quality or environmental system; identify and record any problems relating to the product, process and quality or environmental system; initiate, recommend or provide solutions through designated channels; verify the implementation of solutions; control further processing, delivery or installation of nonconforming product until the deficiency or unsatisfactory condition has been corrected.


Each Chemist will have at least a bachelor’s degree and relevant job specific training, determined by the Company.


Employees are encouraged to inquire about new responsibilities that will benefit the company and will allow him or her to grow professionally.  Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted or changed at any time at the discretion of the company.